About Seminars

WWPoffers educational recruiting seminars around the world. The presentations address topics not commonly known by most people regarding the Aviation Academy recruiting process. Many myths and misconceptions exist about flight school recruiting, therefore the seminars are intended to help set the foundation and guide prospective aviation students as to what they can expect in the process and how they can use the process to work in their favor. We know that searching for an aviation school admissions opportunity will be a first time experience for most who attend and the aim of the seminars is to detail, in some depth, what the process entails as well as give practical help and strategies for beating the process. We try to make the seminar as insightful and productive as possible by limiting the amount of time we spend talking about rules and other content you may already be aware of or is not necessary to know. The end goal is to make sure each interested individual walks away knowing exactly what they will need to do to be successful.

These seminars, hosted by various World Wide Pilots specialists and chaired by Bahman Danesteh, are designed to be interactive and will take the form of a short presentation followed by a discussion. The sessions last for 2 hours each.

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